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andrew ooi

Andrew Ooi, creates art examining the convention of painting and sculpture; the appraisal of contemporary craft, art, and design; and the existence of art as part of its environment than its representation. To fulfill his objective, Ooi utilizes architecture and space as both materials and form. Paintings have physical depth; sculptures, low-relief or varied. Subject is abstract, or absent altogether. Consequently, object remains: without a traditional picture plane but with many perspectives; consisting of negative space, equally constructed, actively positive. The art lives in perpetual effect (not affect, though it certainly started this way), and is integrated (not installed) in everyday reality.


Ooi’s artworks are a combination of primitive design and novel application of Japanese joinery and origami techniques. Limiting his color palette, Ooi paints studied shapes and patterns onto individual strips of environmentally-conscious handmade gampi-fiber papers he previously cut to size. He then folds the hundreds to thousands of painted strips into each other to create artworks with multiple planes – including a front and a back, inside and outside – similar to various prehistoric textiles, vessels, and adornments. Ooi’s intentional use of paper in constructing the artifacts by hand is a contemporary evolution of the stone, sticks, and finger-painting-in-the-sand methods of long ago.


Born in 1979, Ooi is based in his birthplace of Toronto, Ontario. Self-taught, his practice centers around Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. His artworks have been recognized in both the design and art world – from Toronto to Jyväskylä, Finland – and are included in the publications Illuminate Contemporary Craft Lighting (Bloomsbury Publishing) and 1,000 Product Designs: Form, Function, and Technology from Around the World (Rockport Publishers). IOI OOI New Primitives is Andrew Ooi’s first exhibit as a BoxHeart Gallery artist.

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