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augustina droze

Augustina Droze creates optically powerful paintings of sumptuous color and mandala-like symmetrical compositions. These paintings depict small arrangements of fish, birds, moths, and other insects, all magnified and rendered evocatively with materials ranging from paint and plush to cast polymer. Her studio work illustrates a critical viewpoint of the manipulation of nature by man. Droze orchestrates highly decorative arrangements of deceased and sometimes preserved natural organisms, photographs the scenes, and then reproduces them in painted form. The resulting paintings walk a delicate balance of repulsion and beauty. The macabre scenes illustrate the sacrificial use of animals and insects for pleasure, and elaborately explore our domination of nature and our fascination with death.


Born in Detroit Michigan, Droze is currently an artist based in Buffalo New York. She received a BBA from the University of Cincinnati in 2003 and a MFA from the University of Buffalo in 2015. She works as a public artist and muralist, art instructor, and studio artist. Her paintings have been exhibited by the Castellani Art Museum in Niagara Falls New York, Addington Gallery in Chicago Illinois, and the Birchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo New York. Droze has worked with a variety of public art agencies including The Chicago Public Art Group, the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, The Indianapolis Arts Council, and Cleveland Public Art, as well as large corporations including the Forbes Company. Recently she completed large scale mixed media murals in Cali, Colombia and Nagpur, India.


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