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Carolyn Pierotti

When Carolyn Pierotti was younger she was told that she needed to be a traditional painter in order to be successful. This school of thought followed her through her twenties and thirties. She did not find her voice until she attended university later in life. Now, she approaches each painting as she lives her life, a risk taker and a rule breaker.


A celebration of all facets of the female form, Pierotti paints what it is to be a woman. She has been creating these "celebrations" of women for the past two years. While most of her figurative images are a celebration, some images are haunting, and are a direct reflection of her feelings of insecurity and loneliness as a female artist. There is an underlying story behind each layer of paint - a story of something that was happening that moment in her life.


Pierotti is a practicing and exhibiting artist in Pittsburgh where she also resides and has a studio space in the Manchester, North Side section of the city. Her artwork has a primary focus on the internal turmoil that women face with physicality, career, and motherhood; and how this manifests externally. A graduate of Carlow University, she received her BA with a specialization in painting. Pierotti is the Vice President of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists (PSA) as well as the director and curator at Percolate Gallery in Wilkinsburg and Purple Room Fine Art Consulting LLC. She also is a guest writer for LOCALArts Magazine in Pittsburgh.



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