November 15, 2016 - January 6, 2017

Ashley Cecil, Augustina Droze, and Deirdre Murphy



BoxHeart Gallery presents Ashley Cecil, Augustina Droze, and Deirdre Murphy: Emergent Patterns, the first exhibition that brings together the remarkable contemporary artwork of Pittsburgh-based Ashley Cecil, Buffalo-based Augustina Droze, and Philadelphia-based Deirdre Murphy. Gathering an exquisite collection of paintings, the exhibition celebrates wise conservation, specifically the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, bringing into focus a generative and incisive dialogue regarding the patterns found in collective behavior and the significance of chance observations through innovative forms of expression.  Ashley Cecil, Augustina Droze, and Deirdre Murphy: Emergent Patterns joins the nation in celebrating the Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial. Laying the groundwork for collaboration in bird conservation and management across both state and national borders, the Migratory Bird Treaty recognized the ecological and social values of birds.


Ashley Cecil's current residency at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, creating artwork inspired by the museum's physical and intellectual assets, calls attention to how a museum’s collection traces the origins and relationships of varying species, while increasing scientific and public understanding of the natural world and human cultures. Last summer, Augustina Droze traveled to Colombia to work in collaboration with the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano (CCCA), the U.S. Embassy Bogota, and the community members in Cali to create artwork showcasing how ecofeminist renewal can lead to social inclusion across class, ethnic, and cultural divides.  This past April, Deirdre Murphy completed a residency at Powdermill Nature Reserve exploring long-term data juxtaposed with migratory birds. Luke DeGroote, Avian Research Coordinator at Powdermill, provided Murphy with data from the bird-banding station that she used to visually represent what subtle patterns changes tell us about our relationship to nature and each other.


To coincide with the BoxHeart Gallery exhibition, which runs from November 15th through January 6th, Phipps Conservatory selected specific works for exhibition at the Center for Sustainable Landscapes that enhance and restore bonds between people and the natural world. The exhibition at The Center for Sustainable Landscapes  runs from October 14th through January 8th.


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