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November 13 - December 28, 2018

Above Ground : Nichole Gronvold Roller

(main gallery)


From November 13th to December 28th, BoxHeart Gallery is proud to present Nichole Gronvold Roller: Above Ground on exhibit in our main gallery. Gronvold Roller constructs imaginary spaces; specifically, ambiguous spaces that possess unpredictable gravity or no gravity at all. A means to organize the sensations of both actual and emotional interpretation of place, Gronvold Roller’s paintings are representational of her thoughts and describe the vivid energy of her invented worlds.


Organized by Nicole Capozzi and Joshua Hogan, owners of BoxHeart Gallery, Nichole Gronvold Roller: Above Ground explores structures and systems in chaos. Her paintings manipulate the rules of perspective by twisting and distorting the invented spaces she creates, resulting in new discoveries of place and space.


Inspired by the innovation of materials, needs of society, and geographical and cultural influences of architectural design, Gronvold Roller’s paintings incorporate deconstructed architectural elements to disorient the invented spaces she strives to create. She experiments with a variety of materials and processes while painting to aid in her portrayal of active movement.


Gronvold Roller's attention to text and image has evolved through the influence of map making, autobiographical automatism, journaling, and research. Roller's attraction to incorporating text is employed for both the natural texture of overlapping lines and the intimacy that handwriting provides. Roller cuts or slices sections of her writings; encouraging the observer to fit the pieces back together, urging a closer look at the underlying layers found within her art.


Most recently, Gronvold Roller has been working with shaped canvases to further emphasize active movement in her paintings. When combined with her use of vortexes, fragmentation of planes, and energy pathways, space is energized. She finds it liberating to move beyond the rectangular or square format of a traditional canvas. The design of her shaped canvases informs her painting process – a response to the outer edge and shape of her painting surface.


Gronvold Roller graduated from Minnesota State University of Moorhead with a BFA in Art Education in 1997 and received her MA in Art Education from Boston University in 2013. Currently, she is working towards her MA in Studio Arts at Bradley University. Gronvold Roller is also a full-time high school art teacher in Tremont, IL where she has been teaching for the past twenty years. She lives in Illinois with her husband and three children.


Recent exhibitions include "To Sum Degree" The Hud Gallery + Studios with Dab Art, Ventura, CA (2016), "Mix it Up" Royal Contemporary, Florence, CO (2016), "Map it Out" Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA (2016), "Annual Abstract Catalyst Exhibition" Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Portland, OR (2016), "Blip Out" Jefferson Street Studio and Gallery, Morton, IL (2017), "Beyond Place" Jan Brandt Gallery, Bloomington, IL (2017) “Nevertheless She Created” Jefferson Street Studio and Gallery, Morton, IL (2017) “ALMOST 17 & # WE'RE STILL HERE” BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA (2018), "International Juried Show" Beacon Gallery, Boston, MA (2018), SuperFine! Art Fair NYC” New York, NY with BoxHeart Gallery (2018), "Obscure Space" Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, IL, "13th National Juried Exhibition" Axis Gallery, Sacramento, CA (2018), and upcoming “Above Ground" BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA (2018).


Gronvold Roller’s artwork has been featured in Inside Publications (Sacramento, CA); Peoria Journal Star (Peoria, IL); Utrecht (Brooklyn, NY); Dick Blick (Galesburg, IL); Boston University Online Galleries (Boston, MA); artKudos International Competition and Exhibition, and the 12th Edition Encyclopedia of Living Artists. Her artwork collected in both in the United States and Abroad.



Reception with the Artist

Nichole Gronvold Roller: Above Ground will be on exhibit from November 13th through December 28th in BoxHeart’s main gallery. The exhibition coincides with our 2nd floor gallery exhibit, Chris McGinnis: Arroyo. The reception with the artists will be held Saturday, November 17th from 5 - 8 pm.


November 13 - December 28, 2018

Arroyo : Chris McGinnis

(2nd floor gallery)


BoxHeart Gallery is proud to present Chris McGinnis: Arroyo on exhibit in our 2nd floor gallery. McGinnis’ artwork is rooted in site-based research exploring notions of human progress and identity through place. This body of artwork specifically investigates his relationship with Arroyo, a lumber town in western Pennsylvania with an extensive hide tanning industry.


Organized by Nicole Capozzi and Joshua Hogan, owners of BoxHeart Gallery, Chris McGinnis: Arroyo critiques the pursuit of progress through a variety of lenses from technology and social economics to cultural identity and personal experience.


McGinnis grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania during the waning years of America’s post-war industrial paradigm. Shortly after his birth in 1980 the steel mills closed, and the coal industry consolidated. Small towns in Southwestern Pennsylvania braced for an economic winter from which many communities have yet to emerge.


As a child McGinnis developed romantic notions of America’s industrial past that were typified for him, by the ruins of a 19th century tannery located in Arroyo near his family cabin in Elk County Pennsylvania. Now hidden amongst the dense overgrowth, these ruins were the backdrops for his childhood reveries and continue to inform his research. Like an effigy to the impermanence of progress, rectangular mounds of dirt and moss now supplant the solid railroad ties that once transported hides to and from that tannery. McGinnis remembers searching with his siblings for the gnarled iron spikes still embedded in those mounds.


Arroyo remains a place intimately connected to the natural world that surrounds it. At once a natural and industrial resource, a place for recreation and escape, and a quite beautiful sanctuary cursed by the allure of American landscape nationalism. It is a place and an idea that has come to mean different things to many different people.  Chris McGinnis: Arroyo archives the interaction of memories connected with Arroyo in an effort to influence the composition and character of societal memory.


McGinnis is an artist, curator, and educator working in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally, with over ten solo exhibitions and over 40 group exhibitions in recent years. McGinnis has created projects for the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and The Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation. His artwork has been published in the National Studio Visit Magazine, European Art Magazine, Manifest’s International Painting Annual as well as numerous local and university publications including Pittsburgh’s Post-Gazette and The Tribune Review. McGinnis has worked for institutions across the country including Carnegie Mellon University, The University of Arizona, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he served as Director of the University’s Kipp Gallery from 2011 - 2016. He is currently Founding Director and Chief Curator for Rivers of Steel Arts a division of the Rivers of Steel Heritage Area and he is co-founder of Alloy Pittsburgh a site-based art project and research laboratory developed for the Carrie Furnaces National Historic Landmark.



Reception with the Artists

Chris McGinnis: Arroyo will be on exhibit from November 13th through December 28th in BoxHeart’s 2nd floor gallery. The exhibition coincides with our main gallery exhibit, Nichole Gronvold Roller: Above Ground. The reception with the artists will be held Saturday, November 17th from 5 - 8 pm.


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