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August 23 - September 30, 2016

Giving Up the Ghost (and select visual reflections)



From August 23rd to September 30th, BoxHeart Gallery presents Thomas Bigatel: Giving Up the Ghost (and select visual reflections). The artwork presented in Thomas Bigatel: Giving Up the Ghost (and select visual reflections) references the human process of surrendering to and overcoming life’s obstacles. Working with a strictly spontaneous and pure approach to the act of painting and sculpting, Bigatel creates from a truly intrinsic place. He reflects upon personal experiences and transfers this energy onto his canvases and into his sculptures with bursts of color and movement.


Organized by Nicole Capozzi and Joshua Hogan, owners of BoxHeart Gallery, the artwork selected for Thomas Bigatel: Giving Up the Ghost (and select visual reflections) explores themes of reflection and surrender and showcases a flowing synchronicity between a vigorous energy and a peaceful serenity.


About the Exhibition


The opportunity to hold his mother’s hand, stroke her soft, white hair, and whisper in her ear “Thank You, I Love You” as she took her last earthly breath was an extremely profound moment in Bigatel’s life. He grieved, and still carries the sadness of her loss. The experience of loss connects us to one another. It is a ghost we all encounter, at times haunting and seemingly perpetual, but not without the possibility of proceeding on with our lives in a new way.


Bigatel uses the act of spontaneous painting and sculpting to reflect upon his experiences and surrender to them, not by giving up and certainly not by forgetting, but by shaping the experience towards growth and defining his own truth. Bigatel uses specially crafted brushes and tools that allow for the manipulation of oil paint to create depth, translucency, and illuminating intensity. His abstract paintings and sculptures are invitations to explore an inherent and intimate flow of color and motion, a visual representation of the process of emergence. Bigatel takes conscious actions while painting and sculpting. In his paintings, ribbons of color that float above the surface of the canvas are achieved with a wet on wet technique. This movement of color and shape is pushed and pulled, capturing in tandem the feeling of release or capture, hold on or let go. In his sculpture, form is lured out into existence only to be reduced and refined. The scavenged wood Bigatel selects already contains the expression of his experience. His sculpting process is to sense and theorize it through form. In both artistic processes, beauty is excavated from within to reveal Bigatel’s own personal truth.


Bigatel explains, “Think deeply, accept and release your own ‘Ghosts’. Heal. With all of the turmoil, discord, and ignorance in our world my hope is that my artwork speaks in an uplifting and positive light, bringing a flowing synchronicity of a vigorous energy and a peaceful serenity into your life”.


Bigatel (b.1959) was born in Allentown Pennsylvania. Over the past 15-20 years, Bigatel has discovered his own unique voice through an intrinsic evolution of experimentation and tenacity. His artwork has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and universities. A few notable exhibitions of his artwork include; The Spirit and the Soul (solo ’97) at Studio Z in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Images at State College Pennsylvania (group ’00, ’01, ’07), Spring Exhibition (group ’01, ’02) at Nemacolin Resort in Farmington Pennsylvania, Associated Artist of Pittsburgh (group ’01) at The Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Universal Expressions: Movement in Multiple Dimensions (two person ’11) at 709 Gallery in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Gathering Atmospheres (group ‘12) at CCBC Gallery in Baltimore Maryland. Many of his paintings have been purchased for private and corporate collections including Accenture Corporation, PNC, and Dollar Bank. His lives and works in Glenshaw Pennsylvania.




August 23 - September 30, 2016

Understanding Drips: A Dr. Armbruster in Research



From August 23rd to September 30th, BoxHeart Gallery presents Understanding Drips: A Dr. Armbruster Adventure in Research by Keith Garubba. What happens when we over-aestheticize our scientific pursuits?  What happens when we overanalyze our artistic creations?  Understanding Drips:  A Dr. Armbruster Adventure in Research is an exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Keith Garubba that continues the rich fiction of Dr. Armbruster as he tries to understand “Drips” through scientific research.  Prints, paintings, and sculptural artworks represent snapshots and examples from “Dr. A’s” experiments, revealing fragments of this protagonist’s pursuits, studies, and interpersonal relationships.


Organized by Nicole Capozzi and Joshua Hogan, owners of BoxHeart Gallery, the artwork selected for Understanding Drips:  A Dr. Armbruster Adventure in Research is intended to be a humorous and skeptical critique of the relationship between Art and Science, while celebrating the ornamented spectacles and exhilarating spirit that can thrive at this intersection.




About the Exhibition


There is a disconnection between the fields of art and science no matter how far they seemingly overlap. Dr. Armbruster (Dr. A), a fictional scientist that collects and studies artist “Drips”, is a device that Garubba uses to negotiate fragments of an authentic scientific investigation as an artist. Even in this fiction, Garubba believes that the Dr. A persona has allowed him to put a genuine non-diegetic investigation in motion, parallel to the diegetic investigation that the persona pursued himself. The function of the Dr. A persona is not storytelling in the form of art. Rather, Garubba sees the artwork he creates as individual meditations on the relationship between art and science floating atop a unifying fiction. Garubba presents two sides of Dr A. The first side represents Dr. A’s public face. With a corporate aesthetic, a viewer is offered all the branding and imaging that Dr. A would utilize to push his ideas. The second side presents Dr. A’s trials, experimentation, and working environment: a look behind the screen.


Garubba’s artwork is conceived through his background in printmaking and sculpture. Silkscreen supports, whether paper, glass, or other, become the backdrop for the accumulation of drawn images and notes, painted surfaces, and laser cut objects. The “Drips” take many forms, different in trajectory and qualities. Some are cutouts. Some have been administered into a wet surface, floated within resin. Others exist within flat cages, like paintings contained in a utilitarian frame, restrained from escape.


Garubba’s goal as an artist, even if momentary and absurd, is to invite a viewer to believe with him. It is through belief that these “Drips” come true. Much like a drip, there is a hidden life to the art/science myth. Deep in the mesh of the liminal screen between art and science, something powerfully meaningful yet potentially dangerous resides.


Garubba (b. 1987) is an artist and educator living and working in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. As a creative practitioner working in print media, multimedia installations, and interactive artworks, Garubba takes a multi-faceted approach to investigating questions regarding beliefs and myths in science and art. He graduated from Keystone College in LaPlume, Pennsylvania as the Outstanding Graduate in 2010. In 2014, he earned his Masters in Fine Arts from The Ohio State University. Most recently, Keith was awarded the Arts Ovation Award by the Allentown Arts Commission and named the Emerging Artist of the Year. He is currently a member of the faculty at the Baum School of Art, where he teaches children’s classes, comic art to high school students, and outreach programming in Allentown elementary schools, bridging science and art in 5th grade classrooms. As a proud artist member of BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh, the Printmakers Society of the Lehigh Valley, and other professional groups, Garubba exhibits his work regularly throughout Pennsylvania and the United States.


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