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Gretchen Helt

Gretchen Helt spent over 20 years in Venice, CA before basing herself in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a self-taught abstract painter whose complex landscapes are calm and scenic with unbridled energy breaking through. For Helt, painting is both an exploration and balance between the physical and emotional, the seen and unseen. Evolving from figurative drawings, Helt’s influence gravitated to the boldness, sensitivity, and intelligence of the abstract artists Ed Moses, Chuck Arnoldi, Joan Mitchell as well as the local street artists in her neighborhood.


Helt views her studio more as a laboratory where materials become catalysts for reactions, processes are free to unfold, and controlled chaos is tempered until surrender is reached and something unexplainable may emerge. Sporadic applications of paint begin to give way to more deliberate segues of marks and color until a dialogue is achieved with the painting. Often incorporating the use of resin to heighten the sense of urgency, the challenge becomes pacing the visual field to it’s limit before it becomes encapsulated. Helt finds the most gratification while working in the playground of unpredictability and maintaining a detachment to a specific outcome. This is how she communes with physical expression and artistic freedom.



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