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Pittsburgh IO

The Pittsburgh 10 is a group of regional artists brought together by artist Lila-Hirsch-Brody in 2015. The group includes: Zivi Aviraz, Lila Hirsch-Brody, Kathy DePasse, Joel Kranich, Lilli Nieland, Phiris (Kathy) Sickels, David Sparks, Susan Sparks, Dirk VandenBerg, and Francine VandenBerg. Many of the Pittsburgh 10 first worked together at the former EastSide Gallery, a co-op gallery in Pittsburgh’s EastEnd. Aviraz, Hirsh-Brody, DePasse, Sickles, and Sparks began exhibiting together there, and often presented exhibits and guest artists for a cause. The original core group consisted of six artists, Aviraz, Hirsch-Brody, Kranich, Neiland, Sickels, and Sparks, who exhibited together at Panza Gallery. Out of this core group and their strong working relationships, exhibition and event opportunities presented themselves and the Pittsburgh 10 evolved. They continue to break the rules by including a few amazing male artists in the group!


The Pittsburgh 10 takes its name from the Philadelphia Ten, a group of women artists from the Philadelphia area that exhibited together between 1927 and 1945. At the time, exhibitions featuring women artists were often described as conservative, but nonetheless, an important vehicle for presenting high quality artwork by women to the general public. This was the first significant step toward integrating women into the art world. The time period in which these women made art was a significant one. From World War I through World War II, women's roles in the workforce changed dramatically. The Pittsburgh 10 borrows from this group by having six women artists at is core, who strive to break the rules in their own artwork, and often do so to support a cause.


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