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Sonja Sweterlitsch

Sweterlitsch was born in 1977 in Silver Spring, MD, where she lived until attending Carnegie Mellon University. She graduated with a BFA in Art and a BA in Creative Writing in 1999, and has made Pittsburgh her home. She paints with Windsor Newton Oil colors on prepared wood panels and on canvas. She starts with a light drawing followed by an under-painting in raw umber, sienna and white, laying down the major shapes, and the lights and darks. In this stage, Sweterlitsch makes a very loose sketch in paint, building a map for herself, thinking of the composition as a whole without specific details. Once this underpainting is dry, she begins adding thin glazes, layer by layer, to create details on top of the general shapes. She adds color, beginning with the focal points and building everything in relation to those.


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