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Theodore bolha

Theodore Bolha is a native Pennsylvanian from Westmoreland county; born 1980 in Latrobe. At a very young age, Bolha was mesmerized by watching his mother sketch flora and fauna from memory. This experience fostered a creator/creative relationship in Bolha's blossoming mind. Around the age of nine, he taught himself basic human and animal anatomy and decided in his early teen years that he would pursue a living in art.


After graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor's degree studying graphic design, Bolha worked as a freelance designer and then as a full time designer for a local safety company. Then, in 2008, Bolha decided it was time for a dramatic change - a change that would eventually lead him to discover his talent for paper cutting and it's efficacy as his new medium.


Bolha's proficiency in transforming a plain parchment with delicate incisions is unparalleled. With boundless patience, he sculpts immaculate silhouettes of vining plant roots, lively animals, and sinuous nerve endings using only his hand and a razor. Delicate, complicated patterns and repeating fractals dance from his blade, and with the addition of a light source, disperse these labyrinthine figures in luminous splendor. As these remarkable pieces are hand-cut and one of a kind, chance and skill play a dynamic role in the finished piece - mistakes aren't part of the process; but rather adaptation, natural selection.

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