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Upcoming exhibitions

2018 Exhibitions

November 13 - December 28, 2018

Above Ground : Nichole Gronvold Roller

(main gallery)


Public Reception: Saturday, November 17th, 5-8 pm

November 13 - December 28, 2018

Arroyo : Chris McGinnis

(2nd-floor gallery)


Public Reception: Saturday, November 17th, 5-8 pm

December 5 - 9, 2018

Aqua Art Miami Beach

@ the Aqua Hotel, 1530 Collins Avenue, South Beach


BoxHeart Room 211 featuring Artists: Sara Catapano, Joshua Hogan, Andrew Ooi, Hannah Pierce, Nicole Renee Ryan, and Daria Sandburg

2019 Exhibitions

January 15 - February 22, 2019

Stephanie Armbruster

(main gallery)


Public Reception: Saturday, January 19th, 5-8 pm

January 15 - February 22, 2019

Dwell : Erika Stearly

(2nd-floor gallery)


Public Reception: Saturday, January 19th, 5-8 pm

January 23 - 27, 2019

LA Art Show

@ the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, West Hall


BoxHeart featuring Artists: Gavin Benjamin, Augustina Droze,  Joshua Hogan, and Daria Sandburg

March 5 - April 5: Public Reception, Saturday, March 9th

Untitled (main gallery), Paintings by Shawn Watrous

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Paintings by Crista Pisano


April 16 - May 17: Public Reception, Saturday, April 20th OR Saturday, April 27th TBD

Genercha (main gallery), Free Folded Painting by Andrew Ooi

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Collage by John Belue


May 28 - June 28: Public Reception, Saturday, June 1st

The Seekers Book of Knowledge (main gallery), Mixed Media by Daria Sandburg

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Sculpture by Belgin Yucelen


July 16 - August 23: Public Reception, Saturday, July 20th

Untitled (main gallery), Paintings by Gretchen Helt

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Paintings by Arabella Proffer


September 3 - October 4: Public Reception, Saturday, September 7th

Untitled (main gallery), Paintings by Salvador Di Quinzio

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Paintings by Hiromi Katayama


October 15 -  November 22: Public Reception, Saturday, October 19th
Untitled (main gallery), Paintings by Carolyn Wenning

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Sculpture by Robert Mirek


December 10 - January 17, 2020: Public Reception, Saturday, December 14th

Untitled (main gallery), Paintings by Joshua Hogan

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Paintings by John Eastman



2020 Exhibitions


January 28 - February 28: Public Reception, Saturday, February 1st

Untitled (main + 2nd-floor gallery), Seth Clark


March 10 - April 10: Public Reception, Saturday, March 14th

Untitled (main gallery), Richard Pian

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), TK Mundok


April 21 - May 22: Public Reception, Saturday, April 25th

Untitled (main gallery), Guest Curator Cindy Lisica

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Deanna Mance


June 2 - July 3: Public Reception, Saturday, June 6th

Untitled (main gallery), Jason Forck

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Gavin Benjamin


July 14 - August 14: Public Reception, Saturday, July 18th

Untitled (main gallery), Annie Heisey

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Nzuji DeMagalhaes


August 20 -  September 25: Public Reception, Saturday, August 29th
Untitled (main gallery), Ellen Chisdes Neuberg

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Erin Treacy


October 6 - November 6: Public Reception, Saturday, October 10th

Untitled (main gallery), Deirdre Murphy

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), Heather Kanazawa


November 17 - January 1, 2021: Public Reception, Saturday, November 21st

Untitled (main gallery), Crystal Latimer

Untitled (2nd-floor gallery), TBA

Gallery Hours

Tuesday 11 - 6

Wednesday - Saturday 10 - 6

Sunday 1 - 5

 BoxHeart Expressions 4523 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15224